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 Our doors are open 24/7 to empower not only healthcare professionals but anyone seeking mental health support through therapy, mentorship, and engaging communities. Join us in a place where everyone is embraced and supported on their journey to well-being


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Amidst the alarming decline in healthcare quality, there’s a crisis we can’t turn a blind eye to: the toll it’s taking on caregivers’ mental well-being. At Stawi Global, we’re on a mission to combat this crisis head-on by providing tailored mental health support to caregivers, elevating the standard of care in the process. But we don’t stop there. We’re acutely aware of how rising inflation rates are adding to the mental strain felt by all. That’s why our support extends to anyone in need, ensuring no one faces these challenges alone. Together, let’s shine a vibrant light on mental health and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow!

What we offer

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We offer personalized and comprehensive mental health sessions via our innovative app, designed for doctors, nurses, clinicians, and caregivers, and anyone seeking support, offering convenience and evidence-based approaches. Start your well-being journey today with easy chat, video sessions, and AI chatbox support.


Welcome to our vibrant community of nurses and caregivers, where compassion and support infuse every interaction. Here, healthcare professionals facing mental health challenges openly share their experiences, strengths, and hopes, fostering understanding and encouragement.

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At Stawi Global, seasoned healthcare professionals mentor students, novices, and junior colleagues, while collaborating with financial experts to provide invaluable financial wisdom. Together, we empower healthcare students at every career stage to thrive both professionally and personally.


Strengthening your Mental Health

Welcome to our vibrant mental wellness hub, designed to uplift and empower everyone in need! We’re not just a mental health platform – we’re a dynamic force dedicated to providing convenient, affordable, and evidence-based programs for all. Whether you’re a nurse, a caregiver, or anyone seeking mental health support, our personalized and comprehensive services are crafted just for you. Join us on this exhilarating journey towards brighter days and a healthier mind!

Our Therapists

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Faith Munyu
Clinical Psychologist
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Alexander Kinyanjui
Clinical Psychologist

What clients say about us

95% of our clients express satisfaction with our services

SW Stawi Client

Stawi Global has helped with provision of therapy services at my convenience. It was my first time paying for therapy for myself & I had doubts, fears, but I knew I needed to make a difference & be better. She helped me navigate my trauma & other issues. Assisted me with tools that I use today to be better.

FO Stawi Client

Finding a therapist who understands my specific challenges, as a caregiver has made therapy much more fruitful. No more Googling for hours just to find answers to a simple question. Everything is now in one place, on my phone.

WK Stawi Client

For the longest time now, I have never felt calmer and peaceful until I started sessions with you. You have that effect on me. I am blessed to have you as my therapist. Thank you and God bless you.

PK Stawi Client

You made me open my mind and my eyes. Thank you for being you, someone I can trust and respect with my mental health issues. You have made a difference in my life.

MA Stawi Client

I had a great first session.A safe space and Very calming allowing me to express my feelings and emotions.

JN Stawi Client

I came to Stawi Global very heavy and after a few sessions life is looking brighter. I recommend their services. They have very professional therapists and customer services.

General FAQs

We will offer an array of approaches and tailored solutions crafted just for you.


psychotherapy in some cases can be sufficient for the treatment of certain medical conditions. However, it may be needed in conjunction with medication . This is why in several cases it is not considered a substitute for medication.


Absolutely, we cannot release information about you without your written consent.


Absolutely. We value and honor individuals from all cultures. To enhance our services, we collaborate with cultural experts, ensuring our offerings are culturally sensitive and tailored to your unique background.

Both are mental health professionals trained in providing psychotherapy. However, psychiatrists have the additional ability to prescribe medication.

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